Bike Fit Services


Our Fitting Philosophy

There are endless variables when it comes to how a rider interacts with his or her bike. Numerous options such as frame geometry, stems, handlebars, saddles, pedals, shoes, and other accessories can be tailored to meet the rider’s needs. Therefore, riding with any amount of discomfort no longer has to be a part of the cycling experience.

Regardless if you want to stand on the podium, go for new personal record, or just want to ride to work without your lower back bothering you for the rest of the day, a bike fit at Clemmons Bicycle can help you achieve it.  We aim to help you get most out of your bike as well as the most out of yourself.

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Retul 3D Bicycle Fit

Retul bike fit solutions incorporate the best elements of science and art, offering modern bike fit tools far beyond the capabilities of those previously available! Retul 3D Motion Capture technology provides the fitter with more real-time data collection and micro-adjustability to the rider’s position than ever before.

This level of fit includes a rider interview, physical assessment, data capture, on bike adjustment and comprehensive data collection. First, the objective is to assess the rider’s unique capabilities and limitations. We then ensure every point of measurement falls within the ranges Retul has developed after collecting information from thousands of riders. Next, we digitize all contact points using the Zinn Wand and provide the rider with a highly detailed and comprehensive fit report.

Though this fit is recommended for cyclist of any level, it is especially beneficial to those interested in purchasing a new bike. The quality and amount of data collected removes all guesswork, ensuring the fit of your new bike, and makes placing a special order a no risk proposition.

Only Retul Certified fitters will provide this service at Clemmons Bicycle.

RETUL 3D services include FREE pedal, cleat, saddle and handlebar assessment, selection and implementation as well as 1 follow-up fit; this is a $200 VALUE!

Check out this video presentation we did for our local Piedmont Flyers Bicycle Club.

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Standard 2D Bicycle Fit

The Standard 2D Fit adjusts saddle position, handlebar and controls to place the rider in a safe and physiologically protected position on the bike.

A $100 credit will be assessed if RETUL 3D is purchased in addition to a new bicycle from Clemmons Bicycle!