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Pro Tune Up Special

The new year has begun and with it many of us have high aspirations for our cycling achievements/adventures this year. But is your bicycle ready for such stresses? So while you wait to build your courage to brave the cold or endure the trainer and begin that base building for those aspirations, why not go ahead and get your bicycle ready now? Like we have in many years past, we are bringing back our Pro Tune Up Special. Our Pro Tune Up includes all of the following:


• Complete disassembly and reassembly of entire bike

• Cables replaced (parts not included)

• Derailleur adjustments, front and rear

• Wheels trued, dished

• Drive train cleaning (crank, chain, cassette, and derailleurs removed)

• Complete lube (chain, cables, pivots, and pulleys)

• Frame cleaned and waxed

• Bearings overhauled and adjusted

• Brake adjustments, front and rear, and pad installation (if needed)

• Handlebars tape/grips changed if needed (parts not included)

• New components/parts (if needed) are extra; labor for installation is included


From now until the end of March don’t miss your opportunity to get our $250 Pro Tune Up for $175.00. That’s 30% OFF!!!